From the Notebook: Madison Zumpfe

I didn’t expect much, but my time here at Flood Feed Media has been fruitful.

When freshman year came to an end, I still didn’t have a job lined up for the summer. Usually those things of unpreparedness stresses me out. I strive to be organized with my planner by my side ready to draw at any second.

For some reason, I was still calm even with my friends talking about internships, job opportunities or abroad trips they had planned to fill their summer calendars. Maybe the reason I didn’t sweat it was because freshmen weren’t expected to land an internship, or maybe I thought I could always lean on working at the ice cream shop in my hometown if nothing worked out. I had a strange feeling things would work themselves out.

One night while I was getting sucked down the endless hole of Youtube suggested videos, I got a notification from the the weekly College of Journalism & Mass Communication job listing email. Rolling my eyes, I was inclined to immediately drag the email to my trash box like many before, but I thought I’d skim the job opportunities section to look at all the jobs for students with four semesters under their belts.

Anyway, as you all may have guessed it, I found this flood serviceship opportunity and the rest is history. Well, I’m working on the history part right now.

The first day of the serviceship, Professor Jenn “Shepp” Sheppard went around the room asking what each member wanted to work on. By default I was tasked with making a video. I had some experience with video making but expected other members would be far more advanced than my three freshman level classes. As I showed members the video I made, they seemed pretty happy with it. I didn’t know if they were just being nice or if they actually liked it. Well, I’m still making videos so the videos must be good.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to get out of the serviceship. I knew the $12.50 an hour sounded nice, and I would learn a few journalism tips on the way. Now that we are what, four weeks in, I know I want to work on the visual content. I want to practice and learn as much as I can to be more valuable for future group projects and employers.

The best part about it is that I get to work on important stories for my home state. I’m proud to be a part of a team of diverse thinkers and doers who work together to bring light to the daily struggles of rural people who help out one another.

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