Flood Feed Media is a new University of Nebraska-Lincoln organization where members are devoted to covering the several recovery projects of the catastrophic March floods in Nebraska.

Our Mission

To provide the best coverage of the recovery efforts of the March floods and to share the stories of those whose lives have been changed forever.


The University of Nebraska established a system-wide team to coordinate flood response efforts together with regional specialists, led by dean and director of UNL Extension, Chuck Hibberd. The collaboration of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications and  Extension will result in dedicated student-produced news coverage of youth serviceship projects this summer. Led by journalism professor Jennifer Sheppard, eight students will be traveling around the state of Nebraska to catch the stories of those affected by the March floods.


To give all those affected by the flood a chance to share their story to trained media members and shed light on the past, present and future effects the flood will have on the state of Nebraska and its people.


If you would like to share your story or would like more information, contact us at jsheppard4@unl.edu and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @FloodFeedMedia.